168CM D-CUP Jill

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Jill loves to dance and let the beat pulse through her, thumping and spinning. She’s possessed by the music, and lets her body move in any way that it wants. You feel it too – your eyes, and hers, are...
  • Heating
  • Not heated
  • Normal Shoulders
  • Shrugging Joint Shoulders
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  • Exclusive
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Jill loves to dance and let the beat pulse through her, thumping and spinning. She’s possessed by the music, and lets her body move in any way that it wants. You feel it too – your eyes, and hers, are dilated and soaking it all in. Remember to drink! All that dancing will leave you dehydrated. Later, after the music has died down and you’re alone with her, walking through the borough, and all its little sounds, so amplified, she says, “I really want to take a shower.” Your dingy flat is nearby, so you head home. Jill is in a state of bliss once the water hits her naked body. “This feels…fuckin…amazing,” she says, unembarrassed at her nudity. Unaware or just uncaring. Her eyes meet yours, and you know that right now, nothing could ever feel this good, and so right, again. You step into the shower. Jill is a beautiful, seductive TPE sex doll, with curves in all the right places. Her body is soft and supple, and feels so realistic to the touch, you’ll be amazed. She has a fully articulating metal skeleton inside that supports her, and lets her pose and position herself into all kinds of naughty ways. When you take a shower with Jill, don’t forget to drop the soap!

(Hight: 168cm(5'5") Weight: 88lb(40kg) Bust: D-CUP Waist: 24 Hips: 35)


Our business:

Sitridoll was founded in 2014 with the mission to provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market flooded with low quality or fake dolls. We take pride in our user's experience with our dolls. We also have a comprehensive refund/replacement policy for unsatisfied customers. Our entire team fully co-operates to provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service. We aim to grow our business in order to offer our customers the best realistic sex dolls and make your dreams to come true.

Our mission:

Our main products are life size sex dolls, mini sex dolls and so on. Our company have our own factory and studio. If you can not find your dream sex doll or want to create your own dream doll, please let us know. We can customize and build your own dolls, for men or women.

Our aim:

We want to bring you the best TPE sex dolls to make your single life full of passion, married life full of sweetness and retired life no longer alone.Our sex doll can be your 'real' partner that always be with you and never betray you.


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Heated Body temperature: 

Heating, Not heated

Shoulder Joint: 

Normal Shoulders, Shrugging Joint Shoulders


Basic, Exclusive, PRO


35.0 kg


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