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Joystick|I believe you have been waiting for him for a long time! Overall length: 21cm,Insertable length:15cm ,Thickest width: 4.2cmDouble hardness material is coming!Still remember the double materials introduced this year at the Adult Products Show?Sitridoll brings you!This time I recommend...
  • light sk...
  • dark ski...

Joystick|I believe you have been waiting for him for a long time!

Overall length: 21cm,Insertable length:15cm ,Thickest width: 4.2cm

Double hardness material is coming!

Still remember the double materials introduced this year at the Adult Products Show?

Sitridoll brings you!

This time I recommend two soft penis

There are two colors in this time, light skin color and dark skin color!

The glans and dark models are artificially painted and painted!

Did you find any difference?

Is the glans particularly ruddy?


The simulated penis that I have seen before are basically the same basic color, no vivid!

This series is all artificially painted by workers!

Everything is vivid!
The craftsmanship of this series is also different from the previous penis.

In the past, the common types of penis were two:

Single material penis (single hardness penis, because to ensure that the sun has sufficient hardness support, so the overall material is slightly harder, of course, is also very popular with some players who like hard texture)

Flexible plastic keel penis (with keel support, so the surface material can be made soft and still can be strong, and the keel can be bent and shaped, but the shortcoming is that the keel will bend a little, you need to get used to it)

This time, because of the maturity of the two-material process, the realistic degree of texture has been raised to a higher level.

Double hardness material (with rubber stick support, the skin can be as soft as the skin, the internal glue stick is as strong as the sponge, and when you knead, you can feel the soft skin supported by the congested sponge. Very realistic, the internal glue stick can not be fixed like the traditional keel can be bent, but can also be bent, let go is rebound)

The lower part of the head starts with a glue stick support. When you knead, you can feel the soft and realistic texture of the outer soft!

The inner glue stick starts from below the head, so the head is very soft and inserts without pressure.

*At last

It is necessary to remind everyone about cleaning and preservation.

Silicone products usually contain grease

Although there is no sticky feeling when touched

But the hand will feel more or less

Slightly oily feeling

No need to clean it with hand soap or shower gel

Toys before and after use are also cleaned with hand sanitizer or shower gel.

Remember not to get hot and dry.

Let it cool in a cool dry place

Finally, it is best to take some talcum powder

It can prevent the excessive loss of internal grease and lead to aging!




light skin color, dark skin color


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