Yes, I lost my Virginity to My Maid.

I am 20 years old right now and It all started back in 2009 when I was 12. So let me clear the scenario first, she was around 22–23yrs, full time Maid, she has been working for us about 2years, My elder sister and I shared a room with a Bunk Bed In it, upper bed was my sister's and lower bed was mine and our Maid bedding was done right beside the Bunk bed.

Here it comes,

It was totally out of innocence, I used to play with in her free time, be it football or hide and seek, So one night after she was done with the work and came to bed, I was out of sleep and as she is quite reachable to me from my bed, I started tickling on her tummy which was absolutely normal for us, she also responded and started tickling me. Unknowingly my hand reached her breasts, and i tickled there she was enjoying it, I also felt soft and smooth on that particular part of her body so I slowly pressed them with my fingers and gradually my hand were on her breasts forming a cup and she was turned on. Definitely she wasn't making any moaning noise nor she was laughing loudly when I tickled, she knew my sister was in the room asleep. From that night it was a daily routine on every other night she let me tickle her everywhere, and won't resist, I also started having a different sensation down there which she noticed and she groped and she stroked and I also went to another level, some other night I got down to her bed, sat there normally pressing her bosoms, then for the first time she held my willy which was half erect and she directed it to her love hole, and obviously it didn't go inside as my tool was too small, then every night rubbing my penis on her vagina was a routine. After few months she left for her village and came after a year or so. I was 14 when she returned I remember, Everything was normal for first few days, However one fine day My Parents along my Sister went out to meet our Relative, I made some excuse and stayed back, I had a chance. (In our Parents room) She was sitting comfortably on the chair watching TV and in the same room I was sitting on the bed, I was all horny, I got up from the bed slowly walked towards her hugged her from behind she didn't say anything I gathered courage and massaged her Bossoms, she was still sitting quietly, I held her hand took her to my bedroom she followed me quietly, I made her sit on the Bed slowly tried to pull off her top to which she said NO, as it was a day time, even after switching off the lights and putting curtains there was too much light coming in the room, she was too shy to be naked in the bright light, she said wait till night, so I just sucked her bosoms from over her top. Crazy!

It was night, she came to bed late and I fell asleep, suddenly middle of the night I woke up realized I dozed off while I was waiting for her, gathered some courage, tried to wake her but she was deep sleep. I moved my hands around her body, then came her hand on my penis, she was Awake. I pulled her top, for the very first time I saw a pair of beautiful Breasts in dim lights, her bare skin felt warm, I was sucking on her, my penis had no control, this time she could feel my erection on her legs and that something has grown bigger from the last time. I pulled it out, fully erect, I pulled down her lower along with the panty, it was wet down there, I couldn't wait no more, she held my penis and gave some strokes It pained, man I was out of control I tried inserting it but I failed, I asked her Furiously , ‘DIRECT IT’ and there, I was having Sex with my Maid, I lost my Virginity to her. It was my First Time.

It continued for almost a year, on the terrace, in the bathroom, on the sofa, on the floor, whenever I got chance, where ever I got chance , it was Time when she finally quit the job because she was getting married.

No Guilt is there, as it was with the consent of both of us. All this was happening and I didn't feel bad in any way nor I had fear of getting caught, even though I knew my sister was there in the room while it all happened.

And We had unprotected sex which haunts me TODAY!!

It’s just an experience I wanted to share, Not proud of it but no Guilt also.

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