The Sex Doll Adventures: Why To Buy and How To Use a TPE Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been around for several years now yet most people still feel shy when talking about them. Some people are afraid of ordering their dolls and prefer wishing in their mind that they had one. The reality of the fact is that we live in a liberal generation. Some of the most obscene ideas are now publicly accepted. In this age, all you have to do is accept who you are and what you want.  


The sex doll experience is one to die for. The sex dolls are the ultimate answer to every man's dream of sex at any time without the associated baggage. Further, there are more to sex dolls than just the sexual satisfaction. TPE sex dolls are usually designed to look and feel like the actual human being. For this reason, they can be used for much more than just for sexual pleasure. Here are the uses of sex dolls and tips on how to care for them. 



Sex dolls can offer you a more friendly company than you think. Can you imagine just coming home from work to cuddle with your warm and cozy doll in the duvet? With the best sex doll producers worldwide scaling their game, it is now possible to obtain sex dolls that are fit with VA systems. They can talk to you and ask questions so that they can serve you better. With proper use, your sex toy will help you reduce stress and feel at home at any time. 


Sexual Satisfaction

With a sex doll, it does not matter what are your fantasies. There are some things you cannot ask your sexual partner to do for you. However, sex dolls will not complain. The best sex doll producers have shaped the sex dolls into perfect structures. They represent what an ideal man or woman would be. In reality, it is only a handful of men in the society who can afford to get a woman that is anything close to what you get in sex dolls. Furthermore, the pleasure is only limited to your satisfaction. You are only done when your body tells you are done. You will never have to worry about waiting for your doll to climax. You enjoy sex when you want and in the way you like. 


Photo and Video Shoots

Sex dolls are perfect representations of human appearance. You can use your TPE sex doll to show off in music videos, personal videos, and photos. They are perfect since they can be positioned in any order. You can dress your doll in fancy dresses and take photos It is prettey easy to give your doll any look as long as you have a variety of clothes and accessories. 


How To Care For Your TPE Sex Doll

Very many people have been rushing to buy sex dolls without having a proper knowledge on how to handle them. It is advisable to get some information on how to handle your doll before you start using it. There are key factors to remember when using your doll. Hygiene should be your number one worry. Here are the factors to consider when caring for your sex doll. 



Well, sex has never been sex without lubrication. When using your TPE sex dolls ensure you use sufficient lubrication to avoid tearing the skin. As already mentioned, the TPE material feels like the real skin. Being too rough with it may cause wear and tear. Water-based lubricants are recommended for TPE sex dolls when having anal, vaginal and oral intercourse. 


Skin Care

Just like human beings, the skin and body of your sex dolls have to be cared for. While exploring different sexual positions is good, you should not leave your doll in any custom positions other than in flat horizontal position with legs closed. If you leave your doll with spread legs or open arms they may get stressed and tear apart. It is important to always return your doll to its neutral position after use. 

Avoid silicon and petroleum-based lubricants since they may cause damage to the TPE skin. The TPE material contains natural oil and that is why it is so soft and tender. Make sure that you do not place your doll on unsealed surfaces since this may lead to the leaching of the oils. This may cause it to crack. 



The TPE dolls always come with a metal skeleton with various joints. Most of the joints are flexible allowing you to change the position of your doll based on your desire. There are screw fixing holes within the joints and legs. Carrying the doll around is a good idea but she may get heavy along the way due to the metals.  You also need to take care of your dolls skeletal when engaging in diverse sexual positions. While the dolls are strong enough, you need to get some support such as using pillows when engaging in some sex positions.  


Cleaning Your Doll

Your doll needs to be clean. As already mentioned, hygiene is very important when using any kind of sex doll. There are individuals who prefer bathing with their dolls while there are those who just do the cleaning. Whichever way, ensure that your doll is thoroughly cleaned at least once per month. You can sit with your doll in the bathtub but do not let her head and neck submerge in the water. The sex doll face is usually wiped by a wet clothe.  


Vaginal, Anal and Oral Areas Cleaning

The anal, vaginal and oral areas must be washed after every use. The TPE skin is very porous and leaving it unwashed may cause bacterial growth. Wash the sex doll with antibacterial soap and cleanse with clean water. Use the premium renewal powder to dry dust these parts after washing. 



Please make sure you use the TPE sex dolls responsibly. The dolls should not be used by more than one person under any circumstances. This is important to help to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure you clean the anal, vaginal and oral parts of the doll and dry to prevent bacterial growth. It is advisable to use condom so that the cleaning can be done easily. 


Conclusion is the best TPE sex doll producer worldwide. If you are looking for durable, soft and quality TPE sex dolls get a stroll doll. You will not regret.



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