the scariest  ghost experience

I’ve had a scary black magic experience, but a 1 on 1 ghost experience that had me shaking in my boots? Definitely.

We had been renting a home built in the 1940s for about 10 years then, the home was not renovated aside from the small additions we made to the property to accommodate needs. The land around the home had been all fields, eventually morphing into homes and ultimately getting swallowed as the northern side of Downtown.

I had stayed at home while my family left to run errands, it was around close to midnight. I was in the living room which wasn’t too big for a 1 story home and my laptop illuminated me while the rest of the home was completely dark. The hallway and only method of getting to the other rooms was dark but with a sort of eerie sense. The darkness that engulfed the inner contents of the doorway to the hallway seemed to devour whatever was behind it and look outward to the living room, expecting it’s next prey.

I would be gaming on my laptop, sitting at the opposite corner of the doorless doorway to the hallway. I would feel like someone always watched me from that entrance, almost as if studying me carefully. At that same doorway, my baby sister had claimed she had seen a small boy waving at her…

“Mom look at that boy he is saying hi!”

We had once placed a small faux plant near the entrance, only to discover it one day curling it’s leaves almost as if it had come to life. All the doors and windows were closed so we had no idea what caused the plastic plant to act in that manner.

Regardless I continued on with my game session, blasting opponents on Counter Strike:Source. When it was time for bed in order to get up at the right time the next day, I put away my station and organized myself to bed. As I was thinking about the day ahead and almost falling asleep, I hear almost like little footsteps of kids running through the hallway. Needless to say I did not sleep comfortably at all for the remainder of my years there.

To make matters worse, on other occasions we’d turn off all the lights home only to return from our errands to find the Hallway’s only light turned on. Whatever had stalked that hallway, it definitely gave me extra bladder space when I needed to use the restroom located right BESIDE the hallway!

So perhaps I didn’t see the ghost face to face, but it definitely did split when he/she saw me falling asleep. Those little running footsteps will definitely stick with me for a long time. What would you do? Are you one to just bury yourself under the all-protective blankets? Would you move out?

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