The origin of Barbie and Sex Dolls

The book "The Mussolini's Barber" tells a different history of the Nazi army: As early as during World War II, Hitler ordered the creation of "sex dolls" to distribute to the soldiers in order to prevent the German occupation forces from contracting syphilis.


After the end of World War II, American RuthHandler accidentally discovered the inflatable doll "Lily" in Germany, and brought it back to the United States, and used it as a model to transform, and the world-famous Barbie doll appeared.


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In 1940, the Germans won a big victory on the battlefield and France surrendered. However, after entering the flower world in Paris, the German officers and men searched for flowers and asked about the relationship with a large number of prostitutes, which led to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Western Germans. The head of the Nazi SS, Himmler, wrote to Hitler to remind him that the Western Germans face serious health risks because they are free to interact with French women.


To curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the Nazi head of state personally ordered the implementation of the codenamed "Borghild". According to this plan, the German Institute of Racial Health and Population Biology researched and designed artificial masturbation devices made of silicone to prevent soldiers from crossing the syphilis. The researchers decided to design according to the image of an ordinary German woman, with blue eyes and blond hair, but the face was left blank so that soldiers could freely imagine their sexual fantasies while using them.


However, the Nazi plan died only after more than a year of implementation. On the one hand, the popularity of sex dolls in the German army has been greatly reduced over time, and many soldiers feel embarrassed to carry such masturbation items with them and refuse to use them. German officers are worried that once these sex dolls are captured by enemy forces on the battlefield, the Germans will become the object of ridicule around the world.


At the beginning of 1942, the Nazi leadership finally stopped the "Borghild" plan.


In February 1945, the Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Force jointly launched a large-scale air strike against the eastern German city of Dresden. In the air raid, the factory that produced and stored sex dolls was completely destroyed by the Allies.


In 1956, when RuthHandler and his family traveled to Europe, they accidentally saw the Lily doll in a German nightclub and some special shops, and were immediately attracted to "her", so they immediately bought three. The whim: The children need a grown-up doll that is not exposed. Why not combine the advantages of both Lily and Deng Boer? (The dolls on the American market were mostly cute. The little angel is round and chubby, similar to the screen image of the famous child star Xiulan Deng Boer. With the efforts of her and other engineers, a brand new doll has gradually taken shape. Next, I invited the costume designer to design the costume for the doll, and named the doll "Barbie" in the name of her daughter.


On March 9, 1959, Barbie was officially unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

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