The difference between inflatable dolls and physical dolls

Inflatable doll:

You are afraid of seeing the confused eyes, the stiff and non-touching limbs, and the magical make-up of mashups. Are you afraid of it? Anyway, curator feels really can't unacceptable...


Real doll:

Look at this delicate and white body, the big eyes of the water, the rich red lips, Every extra penny deserves its value.


Let's talk about the difference between the two:

  1,The general inflatable doll is inflated. After inflation, the volume is close to the size of an adult. The body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic skin. The touch is not good. The solid doll is solid, using TPR material. Non-toxic, tasteless, layered, durable, and almost the same as a real person.

   2, inflatable doll body and limbs are more bloated, can not show the beauty of the human body, rough shape, just to simulate the structure of the human body, there is no way to swing the movement in the activity; and the joints of the physical doll are made of polymer material made of polymer With a mechanical support inside, it can change the posture you want, so that you can get a more comfortable experience during the activity. You can enjoy it and how to play with it. In life, you can treat her as a sexy, charming, beautiful and considerate lover.



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