Thati is the weirdest thing I have ever done during sex
We are best friends.
I love him. 
He doesn't. 

We are in physical relationship. 
One fine day after we wer done with our session. I slept off as I was tired of work I had done during day time. 
I was half asleep when I realized somethings weird. 
You always know when someone is looking at you even in your deepest sleep. 

I tried opening my eyes,which were heavy to. 
And I saw his face just above mine. He was looking at me, moving my hair flakes aside from my eyes. 
As soon as I opened I asked him WHAT?
He kissed my nose and said 'you look beautiful, you are beautiful inside out, I don't know why you are and were single past half a decade now.'

Tears came rolling off my eyes. No one ever said I was beautiful in bed, all guys cared was telling me how 'hot' I was. 

He knows I love him deeply. 
But never says he does it too. 

I wish he says he does say it some time soon. 

-the best weirdest thing ever happened to me inn bed :')

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