I slept with my dentist.

I’m a 23 years old man from India. A few months ago, I went to a doctor in my city to have my teeth checked out.

Before this, I had gone to some dentist 5–7 years ago.

There are many dentists in my city, it’s not a big city, but some of the most popular dentists had long waiting time and I don’t like waiting in lines, I get bored.

So I went to a not so popular dentist. Her husband has a big hospital in the town and she had office there. The hospital is popular as it’s a maternity hospital, but no one comes there to have their teeth checked out.

One day, I went to the hospital and booked an appointment, I was second in line, so got my turn in a few minutes.

The office was very big, the doctor was sitting on side besides the table.

From the first time I saw her, she was very attractive, I mean, really attractive!

She was in her early 30s and seemed very smart.

I told her I want to get my teeth checked out for cavities, etc. and she said that’s a first. She told me no one in this town comes up to her just to get cavities checked out and people only visit dentist when they start getting pain in teeth.

Then she told me to seat on the recliner(whatever that is called) and checked my teeth. She told me your teeth are fine but gums has some minor issue and gave me a liquid I need to apply to teeth for a week and come back again for check up.

So I left and went again after a week.

This time, she asked me to sit on the recliner and checked out the teeth again. She told me the gums have improved and I should take some other chewing medicine which will be good for my teeth.

Then she started to look for that but didn’t find it. She told me they live right above the hospital and some extra medicine must be stored in her home.

I said it’s alright and I’ll find it on pharmacy, but she told me not to worry and asked me to come upstairs.

I went.

We went to her apartment and it was completely empty.

After a few minutes, she gave me the medicine. I thought this is my clue to leave.

But she had other plans. (So did I to be frank!)

She started to kiss me and I reciprocated. We kissed for 3–4 minutes and then she asked me to bedroom.

We undressed each other and fucked for full 5 minutes. It was freaking amazing. She moaned loudly all the way.

After it was over, we just slept there cuddling for half an hour.

Then she told me she must go back to the office now. While I was leaving, she asked me to come tonight as her husband is out of town.

I said Okay.

I went to her house at 8PM. She told me she cooked a meal and we both ate.

After that, we sat to watch TV and watched some shows until 10PM. While watching TV, we were touching each other and stuff (part of a foreplay)

Then went to bed and fucked each other 4 times that night. We tried different positions and what not. After we cuddled and talked till 5am in morning.

She told me her Husband was not very sexual and that’s why she did this.

In morning, she called her assistant and told her that she was sick today and won’t come to office. We slept for a few hours and enjoyed each other till after noon.

We even did anal. She was screaming and crying all the way when we did that but she told me not to stop.

It was heavenly experience for both of us. We enjoyed sex as well each other’s company.

From then on, she would message me every time her husband was out of town and I’ll go to her place.

She would suck my private part for hours while I was watching TV, we did the did on different places, including her office on one night.

It is still going on. She told me her husband doesn’t mind as he is not interested in this and he gives more importance to his work.

He knows all this is going on and he deliberately goes out of town every few days to give her space.

But she is married and I want to stop this as I want to get married someday to someone of my age and leave a normal life. But her beauty is beyond anything I have seen. She is just different.

I never told this to anyone as people will judge me and it is a small down. So I make sure to not tell this to anybody.

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