I never thought, I will have sex with my friend's mother.

This happened about 15 years ago. I was a 24-year old single man from India, working in the US. After a vacation back home, I was flying back to the US.

My friend A (not his real name) whom I had met a few years before was also from the same town in India. When I left for India earlier, he asked me if his mother could fly with me to the US when I was returning. That would be the first time she would be traveling by flight internationally, and so he thought it would be good if she could travel with someone she knew. I had visited their family a few times in India, and they knew me well.

One evening in mid-August, I took the flight from Mumbai to Singapore, with A’s mom Mrs. R (not her real name - I will refer to her as auntie from here). She was in her mid-40s, and worked in a bank in India, and had taken a few months of leave to visit her son in the US. After a long wait at the immigration line, we finally got to the boarding gate. While we waited to board, we talked about life in the US. She seemed very keen to talk, even though we were both quite tired by then.

We boarded the flight on time, and while we were seated and waiting for the take off, we both dozed off for some time. We were awoken when the flight started taxiing for take-off. She seemed a bit nervous as it took off, and then settled down. We were served food shortly after, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up about an hour later, I found that she was sleeping, leaning heavily on my left shoulder. I took care not to disturb her as I tried to read a book. After a while, she appeared to wake up, but continued to lean on me.

We reached Singapore a couple of hours later. We had a 10-hour stopover there, before our next flight to the US.

As we got off the plane and were walking in the terminal to find a place to sit and have some coffee, I realized that she was quite tired and sleepy. I suggested that she get some sleep and rest if we could find an airport hotel room. She said she was fine and could take a nap on one of the comfortable chairs in the terminal rest areas. I could tell that she was not feeling comfortable at all, and finally she said it would help if she got some sleep as she had been busy the last several days preparing for the travel.

We were lucky enough to find an airport hotel room and make a reservation. As soon as we got in, she went to bed and fell fast asleep. I spent some time catching up on my emails. I wanted to get some sleep, but felt like taking a shower before that. I had traveled 5 hours by train to get to the airport the previous day, and had spent hours at the airport. Since we had another long flight to the US, I thought it would be good to have a shower, before hitting the bed.

I brushed my teeth, had a quick shave and got into the shower. The warm water felt good after all the tiring travel in the past day. As I was standing in the shower shampooing my hair, I heard some footsteps. The bathroom had curtains, and no door. I turned around, and to my horror, I saw auntie standing there and looking at me. I could not believe it. I did not know what to say.

“Sorry auntie… you were fast asleep… I thought I’d take a quick shower and sleep too…”

“No no… I came to get some water from the sink faucet, and then I saw you here.. why sorry?? You didn’t do anything wrong!” she said, as she smiled.

She was looking at my naked body intently as she spoke. I really did not know what do say or do.

“Let me take a quick shower and get dressed. You can also take one and sleep… we have many hours to go before the flight…” I managed to say, trying to sound normal.

“Good idea.. I think a shower would be good” she said, as she walked back towards the bedroom. I felt so relieved, and hurried to complete my shower.

As I finished and was reaching for the towel to dry myself, she was there again!! This time she was standing right besides me in the shower, fully undressed. I almost fainted.

“Here… give me the soap.. let me scrub your back… then you can help me…”

She picked up the soap and started scrubbing my back. By now, my shock had turned into arousal. She was standing behind me applying soap to my back. She slowly moved to other areas… shoulders.. lower back… legs… and my butts.. At this point, I was enjoying it.

She then moved around to face me, and had a good look at me and my arousal. “Very nice” she said as she started applying soap all over again, going over the entire front of my body.

“Do you want to apply soap for me too?” she said. It was more a request than a question. I took the soap from her hands, and started applying it on her.

She was very beautiful. Having never seen a woman nude, there were many thoughts in my head…. curiosity, excitement, fear, guilt… confusion. The curiosity and the excitement won over the rest… and for the next 15 minutes, I was scrubbing her all over.

She had long black hair, up to her mid back. She was about 5′2″, and probably weighed about 130 pounds. She looked very fit and healthy. She had lovely breasts and nipples that pointed upwards. She had slender arms and legs, and very shapely thighs and butts.

As I applied soap, her nipples felt hard. As I was standing close to her, at times my big arousal would rub against her stomach.

I went on my knees to work on her tummy and legs. She had thick, long pubic bush that completely covered her privates. As I worked the soap there, she enjoyed it. I worked on her inner thighs, and could feel her private area with my fingers as I worked.

I could not tell how long we were in the shower, scrubbing each other, but we were completely lost in the act. After what seemed like an hour, we showered, and helped each other dry with large towels.

As we walked towards the bedroom, she hugged me. It felt so good, that I instinctively kissed her on her cheek, and she did the same to me. We were standing, locked in a tight hug for a while. Then she slowly made me walk towards the bed.

She lay on the bed, and said “Come here.” We lay next to each other and cuddled for some time. I kissed her on her breasts… and moved downwards… to her tummy… and then between her legs… She moaned.

She then asked me to lay on top of her. “Never done this before?” as asked teasingly. “No, never” I admitted.

She then positioned my hardness between her legs, and said “Push slowly.”

Seeing me hesitate, she said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine… go on.”

I lowered myself on to her, and felt me sliding inside her. She felt tight, but also wet and warm. It felt so good, that I said something like “Oh….”.

She smiled and said, “Go all the way in”.

I did. I get quite big when aroused, and so I wasn’t sure if it would hurt her. But I could now tell that she felt good.

“That’s very nice. I can feel you deep inside. Now very slowly you can try moving in and out. Don’t rush.”

I followed her instructions, and it felt like heaven. Whenever I was beginning to go faster, she slowed me down.

This went on for a long time — probably 20 minutes or so. She was breathing hard and moaning on and off.

“Do you want to go faster?” she asked.

“Is it okay?”

“Of course, do what feels good to you.” she said.

I was very aroused by now, and I could feel that I was hard as steel. I started moving faster, and was soon thrusting myself hard.

“That’s so nice…. keep doing… “ she kept saying things like.

After I had thrust hard for about 10 minutes, I reached the point of climax. And then, in a few seconds I exploded deep inside her, filling her with my juices.

“I can feel your warmth inside” she said.

Then I slumped on her and we both dozed off.

We woke up sometime later.

“Was it good?” she asked.

“Yes, very” is all I could say.

She kissed me again, and in a few minutes, we were at it again. This time, she was on top, and rode me. It felt different, but very nice again. In this position, she did the thrusting, and she climaxed very hard this time.

We had about 5 hours left before we had to head to the gate for boarding, and we spent every minute of it very intimately.

Finally, it was time to get dressed, pack our things and go to the boarding gate.

It was a good 10 minute walk to the gate, and as we approached, we heard an announcement:

“This is an important message for passengers traveling to the United States by flight XYZ. We have an overfull flight today. We are requesting passengers to let us know if they would be willing to fly by our next flight. We will make all the arrangements.”

As we heard the announcement, we looked at each other. I think we were both thinking the same thing.

I went to the airline counter and checked with them. They told be that if I offered to stay back and travel the next day, they would upgrade my seat to business class, and also take care of acommodation in a 5-star hotel at the airport.

Auntie and I decided to stay back and fly the next day. We spent the entire day in our hotel room trying out many different acts that we saw in the Kamasutra book that we picked up at the airport bookstore.

We traveled to US the next day. A received us at the airport.

“How was the fight? You both look so exhausted” he said.

“Yes, it was a long and tiring trip.” auntie said.

We had some coffee and snacks at a nearby cafe, before A drove us both to his apartment. “Why don’t you have dinner with us and I will drop you home after that?” he asked me.

“Yes, that would be good” auntie said.

I agreed.

It was around 3 PM. A said he had to go back to work and would be back by around 7 PM with dinner for all of us.

As he left, auntie and I got busy again, and spent the next few hours picking up from where we left off.

Later in the evening, A dropped me home after dinner.

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