How do I look hot

Looking sexy is mostly determined by the way you walk, stand, talk, interact with others and feel about yourself. The good news is, you can easily look sexier by following simple tips.

  1. Watch your posture: stand tall and bring your chest up. Pretend that you want to touch the sky with the top of your head.

  2. Make eye contact: look at people right in the eyes when you talk to them. It will make you look more confident and in control.

  3. Be more physical: be more physical when engaging with people (touch your interlocutor’s arm when laughing for example).

  4. Wear something red: the color red is strongly linked to passion. To look sexier, wear something red.

  5. Wear heels: wearing heels will make your legs look longer and change the way you stand and walk. It will make you look high-powered, more confident and sexy.

  6. Smile: smiling creates a positive engagement between you and others and therefore makes you look more desirable.

  7. Don’t rush: to be sexy, take the time to express your thoughts, tell a story or walk into a room. slow down both your speech and movements, it will instantly make you look more sensual.

  8. Stay classy: you don’t have to show everything to look sensual. In fact, the more subtle you are, the sexier!


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