Have you ever met an evil person?

Yes in that I'm not sure about the term evil as it has connotations of religion about it. This person was the partner of a really good friend of mine. They lived in America and I live in the UK and I went out to stay with them over Christmas. As soon as I met the man I felt uneasy, I felt I didn't want to be in his presence. When we got to their house I watched how their lovely tabby cat carefully avoided this man and yet was friendly with me and everyone else. I felt he put on a good appearance but it felt false and calculating. I noticed quite a few people who we spent time with during my stay were uncomfortable and wary of this man.

My friend eventually split up with him and it was a very difficult break up. His partner started awful rumours about him, pinned posters on his front door condemning him for things he didn't do, ringing my friend's clients and lying to them to try and wreck his consultancy business. My friend became quite ill as a result. Once they split up lots of people told my friend how relieved they were as they just sensed his ex was unpleasant and capable of doing awful things. Also previous partners of the man contacted my friend to share how awful he'd been to them and their families.
I don't usually feel this about people. Throughout my stay there were numerous examples of him being superficially nice but with undertones of meanness and a sense of superiority and smugness. Somehow I just felt he would be capable of doing really unpleasant things.

A year or so later my friend heard that his ex had set up home with someone else and after living together for about 6 months had fiddled his new partner out of owning the house and promptly threw his partner out and kept the house.

All very sad but I do believe he had some sort of personality disorder rather than being driven by evil forces or anything associated with that definition of evil.

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